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  1. After almost almost marrying Abhishek Bachchan, she eventually married industrialist Sanjay Kapur in It is just an amusing little tale. Now something's maturing inside her too. He broke bones in all his major limbs, including his hands and feet. He also has another

  2. It could block the sun. What he finds is a different kind of inspiration in the form of a neighboring family.

  3. Shilpa Shetty This tall hottie burst onto the big screen way back in with a cameo in Baazigar. Male, female, young or old, it was all fair game to him.

  4. Fortunately, my husband John was out of town on business all that week so I got to handle this without him. Her pregnancy this year, however, caught director Madhur Bhandarkar unawares and he was forced to drop her as the lead actress of Heroine.

  5. According to Fleming's niece, Lucy , an official of the Royal Air Force pointed out that if they were to drop a downed Heinkel bomber in the English Channel, it would probably sink rather quickly.

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