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The Internal sound [Sherry.A] (case 2) :heart beat

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  1. Taking a medical history covers the origins, history and development of the patient's condition, but pulse diagnosis presents it in the present moment, in dynamic, kinetic motion. Superficially, the gall bladder pulse is associated with the liver pulse, on whichever side you place it. A slow rising and slowly falling pulse pulsus tardus is seen in aortic stenosis.

  2. Emotions such as excitement, anxiety, stress and fear can set your heart racing. It generally indicates a weakness or deficiency in the deep noble and principal organs, especially the kidneys. A Hot temperament is primarily indicated by a rapid pulse. Its pulsations come in short blips, like a knife scraping against a bamboo stalk and hitting its nodes.

  3. Regularity is an important factor in the pulse, as irregularities can point to weaknesses or dysfunctions of the heart, whose contractions generate the pulse. A Rootless Pulse is one that is felt only at the Superficial and Moderate levels, but disappears at the Deep level, having no "root".

  4. Sometimes Unani physicians, in taking the pulse, will dispense with the ring finger, and just use the index and middle fingers, adjusting their relative pressures to see how the pulse responds. It can be felt between the anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, above the hyoid bone and lateral to the thyroid cartilage. Avicenna discusses pulse diagnosis extensively in volume I of his Canon of Medicine, which has become the basic clinical manual for practitioners of Unani Medicine. Whoever allows these words to be true and not fabulous will benefit very greatly; despair will not touch him or frighten him in the pursuit of his study, even though he makes no progress for many years.

  5. A discrepant or unequal pulse between left and right radial artery is observed in anomalous or aberrant course of artery, coarctation of aorta, aortitis , dissecting aneurysm , peripheral embolism etc. And so, the possibilities are as follows:

  6. The organ pulses felt at the superficial level are those of the hollow visceral organs and attendant vessels, like the stomach, bladder or gall bladder. Rhythm, or Gait is the overall characterization of the pulse, its particular feel, rhythm and cadence. A century later another physician, de Lacroix , used the pulsilogium to test cardiac function.

  7. A Hot temperament is primarily indicated by a rapid pulse. I will discuss a few of them here. Just email me at: Or, I would love to see a serious, in-depth discussion of this treatise and its particulars up on the internet. The position most proximal to the heart is called the Cubit position.

  8. Its natural home is on the proximal side of the finger. The radial artery branches out fairly closely and directly from the heart, receiving a strong, robust flow and pulsation of blood. Melancholic Cold and Dry: Whoever allows these words to be true and not fabulous will benefit very greatly; despair will not touch him or frighten him in the pursuit of his study, even though he makes no progress for many years. The heat can be from an infection, inflammation or fever, which is often systemic.

  9. Otherwise, it indicates a systemic stagnation of blood. People who are physically fit often have slower resting heart rates because a stronger heart can pump more blood with each contraction. Since the Sanguine temperament is the most equable and balanced of all, the Sanguine pulse is moderate in all its aspects.

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